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Dreamlands Film & Media specialise in film making, scriptwriting and producing feature films and series with gripping content and a high production value. We welcome coproduction opportunities particularly with established  companies or individuals with a financial legal background.

Dreamlands has a close working relationship with Michael Auret of Spier Films, and is associated with Contentious Media, a coalition between Terry Croom in USA, David Wurawa of Wurawa Pictures in Austria,, and James Crewe of House of Bleu Productions in USA.

Quick news
JUNE 2022

Our exciting South African feature film, The Man in the Mirror  which is being co-produced by Michael Auret of Spier Films, has a stellar South African cast attached, and SAFTA award winning cinematographer Devin Carter on board. The Man in the Mirror has already secured investment from the NFVF, and global distribution from EastWest Film Distribution.

A superb principal location has been secured at the Ecabazini lodge in the KZN midlands.

Our objective, with our production partners Spier Films, is to commence principal photography May 2023.

February 2021


Rare Blood is available on Emirates in flight and in UK, USA, and Germany  Amazon Prime Video


Rare Blood received a glowing write up from these two tabloids after the film premiere in KwaZulu Natal.  


A paranoid husband and his cunning sister plot against his unsuspecting wife. As the story unfolds, disturbing truths come to light. "Gripping, tense and chilling."

"A very original plot with a classic twist."

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Director: Gillian O'Donoghue

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Director: Brett Halliday

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