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DIRECTOR:  Brett Halliday    DOP LIGHTING: Barry Downard    DOP CINEMATOGRAPHY: Devin Carter   PRODUCTION DESIGN AND COSTUME DESIGN: Gillian O'Donoghue  LINE PRODUCER: Wendy Moulton  1st AD AND SECOND CAMERA: Louis Bolton  SOUND: Marciano Monjane Robelo and Darren Jayanarayn   STILL PHOTOGRAPHER: Geoff Redman  ASSISTANT CAMERA AND DATA WRANGLER: Richard Hambloch  EDITOR: Devin Carter


RARE BLOOD exhibits an outstanding production value thanks to a tremendous contribution by everyone. It has been a long journey with the funding bodies not assisting as envisaged, but we are finally on to soundtrack composition and sound mixing.  The exquisitely beautiful cinematography, moody lighting, sound, eclectic location, exquisite production design and wardrobe combined with superb acting from our talented cast has created, what we believe is the potential for an award winning film.

Available on Amazon Prime streaming or purchase in UK, USA, Germany, & on Emirates in flight entertainment.