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CASEBOOK # 1 - a returnable 6X60 series set in UK

A scripted series where an insecure teenager battles to retain her sanity while a burned-out once brilliant detective gets a chance at redemption to solve the case that destroyed his career and, unknown to one another, they race towards a head on collision.

Pitch deck available on request.

Dark portal poster.jpeg

DARK PORTAL - a 8X30 supernatural horror for YA set in UK



A scripted series where all is not what it seems when seven young people attend a murder mystery weekend at a remote castle on the coast, when their hostess changes the game plan and macabre incident after macabre incident occurs.

To be filmed at the superb Manorbier Castle in Pembrokeshire, South Wales.

Pitch deck available on request.

Ringsend poster2.jpg

RINGSEND - a 6X60 MMA Gangster series set in London, Dublin, & Amsterdam



A scripted series where a third generation Dutch drug dealer uses an underground cage fighting tournament as a cover for a multi-million drug deal and plans to deliver gear to colourful English and Irish gangsters under the nose of tenacious law enforcers.

Pitch deck available on request.

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