An exclusive screening of RARE BLOOD was held in the KZN Midlands and received rave reviews.   As the project has been funded independently, it has taken time and effort to get it to this stage but we are in now in view of the finish line!

Dreamlands are in talks with a well-known LA based distribution company who have placed an offer on the table to distribute RARE BLOOD globally.

RARE BLOOD has also aroused interest regarding a target marked distribution platform in the territories of the Republic of Ireland and UK from a prominent established Irish Producer.

Please read the article written by Garth Johnstone in the Meander Chronicle which appeared on

26 November 2019 and the article written by Jade le Roux in the Maritzburg Sun which was published on

13 November 2019



A dark horror set in Wales during Halloween. A group of young people who have never before met are invited to spend the weekend at a castle, given roles to play in a bizarre competition with the promises of the winner getting a large cash prize. However all that glitters is not gold and the contestants slowly sink into a grizzly hell where all is not what it seems. Dark pasts surface as the truth of this strange competition is revealed along with the castle's deathly history,  a tale of terror steeped in horrific pagan rituals. 

We are filming at the visually stunning location at Manorbia Castle in South Wales.


We have sourced a dynamic cast that hail from USA, UK, Ireland, South Africa, and Europe. Blood Moon is to be filmed by talented South African cinematographer Devin Carter. 


1970's Ireland, a gripping hostage situation with a difference, Danny is holding his wife of thirty years hostage, and if his demands are not met he will burn the building down, but Danny's wife is dead. Superintendent McCarthy is a man who, owing to a long time grudge against Danny, now has the excuse to force entry and arrest him. Enter the beautiful Anne and negotiator Michael who along with Danny's friend soon to retire Sgt. O'Reilly must fight against the clock to save the day. The Wake is a beautiful love story with a twist.


The Wake is being produced by  established Producer and award winning actor Toby Richards with the view to attaching an international and stellar Irish cast.