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A co-production with Spier Films.

Three Zulu men must re-awaken sleeping demons when a successful Johannesburg businessman returns to his childhood home in rural Zululand. Under adversity they are compelled to “look in the mirror” confront their traumatic past, and make life changing choices that set off a chain of events with irreversible consequences.   

The project is now funded, script locked, with a stellar South African and international cast attached. Our principal location is the superb Sherwood Makhosi in KZN.


Dreamlands is delighted to partner with Lungelo Dhladla regarding a mentorship program that includes introducing 25 young persons, some with hearing impairment, to working in various departments on location.


 Pitch Deck available on request. 

THE WAKE poster.jpg
A love story with a twist

A co-production with Spier Films.

When a deeply religious man's wife of thirty years dies in 1970's Ireland he refuses to allow anyone to enter their apartment, including the local Priest and his nemesis the Garda Superintendent and threatens to burn the building down unless his demands are met.


A love story with a twist.


Pitch deck available on request.

SHORT FILM IN DEVELOPMENT:    Two Sides of a Coin.

A man looks back at a romantic youthful encounter with a beautiful woman in a restaurant who, despite them connecting on a meaningful level, disappears without explanation when he returns with a bouquet of flowers.

Two Sides of a Coin is a stand alone short but also serves as proof of concept for upcoming feature films, The Wake & The Man in the Mirror. 

To be filmed at the Goshawk pub in Mouldsworth. Pitch deck available on request. Below is a proof of concept video showing the locations.

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