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Gillian at Chelsea

Updated: Jun 18

On 21 May 2024 Gillian covered the Chelsea Garden Show. It was a gloriously sunny day and thankfully press day at Chelsea is not crowded with people, and wall to wall bustle, but less populated and relatively sedate allowing one to take the appropriate photos and interview the delegates In order to cover the event comprehensively.

This was the third occasion, Gillian covered the show and this was a special one for South Africa as, after a long time of being away,  Leon Kluge and his team won Gold for their magnificent floral display. In addition, South Africa was awarded “Best exhibit in the Pavillion as well as the “Best New Design” award. This is unprecedented for South Africa at the Chelsea Flower show! Historically South Africa has accumulated 37 medals over 43 years of attending.

The display showcased a multitude of Protea species illustrating the duality between the region’s dry and wet seasons. The display was a fabulous extravaganza of the biodiversity of South Africa including the Trailing Protea, which mice help pollinate, and the rare Protea Snow Leopard, Cracked clay was used to emulate the cracks caused by extreme heat in the summer months.

The day is also sprinkled with celebrities and we were able to spot two who we knew, even managing, despite the frantic chaos, to grab a snapshot of them.

And on another, final note. The day before Chelsea Brett met with a prominent independent Producer who was with the BBC, and the result of the meeting was an agreement that together they will develop an exciting returnable series, and the spin off of a musical - exciting stuff!

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